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Day two of our northern adventure started started off with a small breakfast in house. While looking at some of the booklets the owner left for us, I saw that watching bison was one of the things-to-do in Yellowknife. Technically, it's not IN Yellowknife. Bison are typically found on Highway 3 between Fort Providence and Yellowknife. WOOHOO ROADTRIP!

It started off optimistic. There were signs everywhere warning drivers about bison on Hwy 3. We weren't planning to drive all the way to Fort Providence where there is an actual bison sanctuary nearby.

We drove about 2 hours (or more, I lost track of time). No bison. We finally reached Edzo (93.71 kilometers from Yellowknife). Took a small detour there...but it was just a small community. We had missed the turn where there was food and gas so we continued on and reached North Arm Territorial Park and where we gave our driver a break.

 It was a nice little park next to a lake.

 Everything looks to vast up in north.

Following the horizon...

Our car commercial shot. lol

After a brief break, wandering around and playing in the snow (can't resist), we hopped back in the car and went on our way.

We decided to give it another 30 minutes but luck was not on our side. No bison in sight! The only thing interesting was this carcass on the side of the road. The ravens were all over it. I have no idea what it is. Maybe it was a small bison and that's why they are staying away from the road. Who knows?

Where are the bison?

So we stopped at the next bison sign and had some fun.

The road to Fort Providence is long and endless.
There were rarely any cars on Highway 3. Sometimes we got our hopes up when we see something black on the horizon only to have it crushed when it turned into a car. Yeah, so we took some pictures of the long long endless road.

 Sat down.

Walked the line.

After that we went back to Yellowknife. The sun was setting by the time we came back into town. We were afraid that all the food places might be closed again. That goodness Sushi North was still open!

 Sushi North was open originally to cater to Japanese tourists but it ended up being a local favourite.

I tried the mini Ebi-ten don ($5), gomae ($5) and the Arctic Char roll ($9), which came with one piece of Arctic Char nigiri. Arctic char tastes a lot like salmon but I think I like salmon better.

Having eaten our fill, we headed back home to kill some time while we waited for darkness to attempt the northern lights again.

We baked some cookies! Yummy, warm cookies.

Took a nap until 2am then went out to try to catch the lights out on Ingraham Trail (Hwy 4). Don't know where we stopped but we didn't drive too long. It was pretty overcast, which sucked because it was mostly clear in the day time. We didn't wait too long because the forecast said cloudy and it was so cloudy that there wasn't even any openings. So we gave up...until next time!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

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