Today was my grandpa's and cousin Meighen's birthday. Gong's eighty-eight today and Meighen's ten. I made these two cards for them. I did Gong's yesterday and Meighen's today. Heheh. My mom wrote the sheng re kuai le but I wrote the gong. She was having trouble using the tablet. How amusing. Anyways, we went to Monte Carlo's for dinner and had mango mousse cake. Pretty good. It was funny because Mei was supposed to give Yee Mein to Gong but she was giving him short strands. And Uncle Adrian was like you aren't supposed to give him short ones! Give him long ones! Apparently Yee mein represents long life or something. So Mei was digging in the dish trying to find a long strand. And when she found one, she was pulling at it to get it out and Uncle Adrian was like "Don't break it!" So everyone started helping Mei and digging apart the noodles to help her get the entire strand out. Heheh. It was funny. Everyone had a good time.

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