I finished Prince of Persia yesterday. It's the best game ever! I love it. But I want the Prince and Farah to get together! Uh! But they don't! I want him to marry her like he said he would. But I want to get the next game now. I love how it is a story played out. And it's simpler than Tomb Raider too. Apparently Disney is making a Prince of Persia movie that is coming out this year or next year. I'm estatic but not entirely thrilled that Disney is doing it. They'll make it all kiddie. Stupid Disney. I don't have anything against Disney per se but Prince of Persia has slaying of monsters and stuff not suitable for kids. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it. I hope it's good.

On another note, the evil Maharajah has perished today. He was not doing so well these last few days; his fins were always clamped. Now he is really gone. Sigh. I only have two fish left. I wanted three. Oy. Should I get more or no? But I don't want FOUR fish. It's bad luck you know. Or so they say. Five is a bit much for a ten gallon tank isn't it. I don't now. I'll consult with Karen when she get's back.

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