Happy new year everyone!

What an eventful day it was. Mei made me wake up early and go shopping with her. We went to Metro but we didn't actually buy anything there. We were planning to get Moulin Rouge at Futureshop but they didn't have it in stock. Besides sales were mostly all over. Sigh. Until next year. All we got was a drink from Orange Julius for lunch. So we came home and took the car and I drove to the Richmond Futureshop. And boy was there a lot of traffic! I guess everyone is returning gifts or things bought on boxing day. The traffic was insane! I had to wait so long for people to let me in. Come on people! If everyone was a little nicer... Anyways Mei bought MR - the two disk one (of course) and we came back home. Then we had lunch at 3:30. Ma was watching this Chinese movie that is so silly/funny. This guy pretended to be dead and this girl was trying to revive him. He was trying to scare her and made her believe that he was a ghost that came back to haunt her because she killed him. It was really funny. But I don't tell it funny. In fact it sounds rather dull when I tell it. But then again all my versions of funny stories are always dull. Hmm. Whatever. Then off we were again to Petcetera. I bought two new fish. One orange and the copper..ish. The orange one is apparently now named the evil Marharaja. (Spelling please?) After the one in the Moulin Rouge. (Yeah we like it that much.) Mei said she didn't like the orange one and said his eyes looks evil like the Marharaja so yeah, the name stuck. eM for short. The other doesn't really have a name yet. We've been trying Copper, Coppertone, Copperback...I don't know yet. They're in quarentine right now.

My dad has been trying to fix my computer. He fixed it but he screwed up something and now it has only 10Gb in total! And it had 100 Gigs before! Arg. 10Gb is so little what am I going to do with less than 10Gbs?

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