I put the new fish in the tank today. The copper one seemed very happy. I might name it Shadow 'cause she's like Zip's shadow following him around. She was exploring everything and swimming everywhere. Zip's not entirely pleased I think. He wants the tank all to himself maybe. Heh. The evil Maharaja is still clamping his fins. If he does not get better soon I might exchange him for a better fish. I'm like so crazy taking so many pictures of the fish. I took a few video clips too. I'll upload them if I can.

So today was the first day of school AGAIN. I haven't bought any books and they were all SOLD OUT! I bought a grundgy copy of chem though. It's alright. But not the best. The textbook's ok but the study guide's edges are a little messed up. Besides it was the last copy. Stupid chem.

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