Ahahahah! We were at our grandpa's place and vigorously combing Sunny like we always do (we have a HUGE ball of hair now), when I decided to vacuum him! Ahahha! So my dad brings up this very old vacuum that sort of looks like R2D2 and I plugged it in and turned it on. I tried vacuuming the floor but there was no vacuum! I felt it with my hand and it wasn't working! So I turned around to the vacuum and !!! It was SPEWING OUT CLOUDS OF DUST !!! I was like AAAHHH! and quickly turned it off. But the whole room was dustly by then. My grandpa who was sitting there watching us was like whay\! Fai dee zhoau! (in Chinese) After that we were all laughing so hard and Sunny ran away to escape us laughing lunatics. Hehehhehe!

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