Ah stupid Internet was down yesterday. So I went to Best Buy again yesterday. The lineup was so long it went across the street! I was on the other side of the street so when I finally got inside the store to get that mp3 player they were all gone. It was a grabbing frenzy in that area. I was too late. :( BUT I hung around for a while then went outside to get freebies for Karen. She wanted some good pens and a lanyard. And then these employees with a megaphone called out "Who wants to win a Kodak camera?!" So I stepped up. They only accepted four people and I was one of them. They put the box on the curb and gave us each a BestBuy plushie. The deal was that who ever throws it closest to the box wins the camera. I was the second to throw it. AND GUESS WHAT?! I WON THE CAMERA!!!!!!! There was a wind so I threw it harder than usual. And I'm such a bad aimer anyways. I didn't expect to win! Actually if I were judging, the last guy who threw it should have won. Mine hit the curb and bounced off to the side while his landed in front of the box but closer than my rebound. But who am I to complain?! I'm so happy. Well. I have mixed feelings since I wanted the mp3 player instead. But a camera is better than nothing! :)

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