My grandpa caught a chickadee yesterday. It flew into our balcony room and it tried to fly out through the skylight. It kept banging it's head on the skylight and it's head was all bloodied. When I scooped it up from the ground it didn't even struggle. Now it's in a cage. I want to let it go but I don't think my grandpa wants to. He likes birds. But I know what he really wants is a canary. He used to raise them and he had a few hundred back in China. But I know my mom is not going to let him have a bird she barely tolerates Sunny and the mice.

I went to Best Buy today. Yesterday the Black Eyed Peas were there but I couldn't go cause I had school but Karen went. I went today. There were still a few stuff going on. I took pictures with Darth Vader, Zelda and this flamingo woman. Vader was threatening to kill me. He was strangling me and signing to me a message that he's going to cut my head off. :P I got a few freebies too. Mostly useless junk though. I spent most of my time there playing bongo drums at the Nintendo play station. I might go again tomorrow. I didn't get what I wanted today. I might buy Doom3 and Prince of Persia 2 and I also want a mp3 player. But I doubt I'm going to buy the player.

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