The Greater Vancouver Zoo

I went to the zoo today with Ba and Karen. I had a lot of fun! Tigers are so pretty. We took tonnes of pictures but ALAS! I forgot to bring the Lumix camera! Stupid! Stupid! And I brought the wrong set of batteries so when we ran out juice. We ran out. But that's ok. We were pretty much done walking around anyways. But one thing we missed was the peacock! He spread his tail and was right in front of us for so long but we didn't have any more battery left! ;3;

We were so lucky because when we went on the bus that took us to the wolf and bear habitat, it wasn't their feeding time so they didn't come out. But then the fence got stuck! And the wolves thought it was feeding time so they ran out! I took some pictures but I was inside the bus so it wasn't really good and I was running out of batteries also.

The hippo and the cheetah wasn't there though! Karen went last year and they told her that they'll be finished with rebuilding the hippo habitat this year but they haven't even started! >:( Next year they'd better be finished!

I think this time of year is the best to go because there were a lot of baby animals! Baby lemurs, bison (born just yesterday), wallabee, birds. They are all so cute!!! I wish I'd gotten better pictures of the lemurs! But I had to use the digital zoom so the quality is so poor. Oh well next time.

Some pictures were taken with the Kodak and some with the Nikon. Can you tell which is which?

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