Um I have such weird dreams lately. What's going on inside my head?

The night before:

There was some sort of Mad Hatter (Martin Short of all people) and I was with him in this wierd building that I don't remember about. But we had a map and if we say "Find Wonka" it would show the path through the building to where Willy Wonka was. So we followed it and Wonka (Johnny Depp of course) was in a stairwell. And we talked a bit. And the next day Wonka and I were together and waiting for the Hatter but he was late and Wonka suggested we leave without him. LOL. Weird. I think there were more parts to it but I forget everything when I wake up.

Last night:

I dreamt of large floating fetuses. XD

There was this rich old guy that owned a company that did some kind of cloning/bioengineering stuff. And they made this "clone" and it was a floating embryo. And it grew into a floating fetus. And it was big like a normal person size. They were doing experiments on it. And I think I was with some kind of opposition group. They said that the fetus had not was not "alive" like not like us. No cognitive thought or something. But we discovered it did. And we were pulling it along the air, running from the security, and I was hiding with it when the fetus grew into a person. It was a girl (young adult). And my teammate took her out of the building while I stalled the security personnel. But they KNEW my name! And they said they knew I skipped school and stuff and some other bizarre stuff. And suddenly I'm outside on the beach outside the building we were in. The girl apparently grew wings and was flying about. And the old man was just outside the entrance and she flew to him and called him "father" but the she'd shirk back when he tried to touch her (because of the experiments they did on her as a fetus I guess) and then I think the opposition took her away. And I woke up.

I'm messed up.

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Anonymous said...

your "infinite sky" picture is AWESOME!!
how did you make those shadows? you must teach me!!

Anonymous said...

i dreamt about jeff buttle the other night. hehe, it was so weird. i was taking swimming lessons and he was there swimming in his skating clothes! The amazing thing was that he never got wet.