Rainy Days


Karen and I went kayaking at Deer Lake with a group of my friends and her friends. She's been planning this for a month now BUT it turned out to be a rainy day. Crazy as we all are, we went anyways. It was fun albeit cold and wet. I doubled with Annie. She needs to build some upper body muscle. I paddled most of the time. Heehee. I'd be like

- "What's that?!"
- "Nothing it's just a log" -Annie
- "Let's go investigate it!"
- "Noooo, it's a snake!"
- "Really?! Let's go see it!"

Heheh. I'm always wanting to go near the edges of the lake and investigate things but Annie prefers to stay in the middle I think. LOL.

We'll go again when it's sunny next time.

After Karen and I went to see Deep Sea 3D. It was pretty good. There was this little shrimp/lobster thing that looks so cute! I liked its colours too. But I forgot what it is called.

Johnny Depp's voice is smexy.

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