Elise Estrada Concert at Metrotown

I went to Metrotown today because I heard on the Beat 94.3 that they were giving away two BlackBerrys. Little did I know that there was actually a Elise Estrada Concert going on! The mall was so crowded; on every level there were people looking down onto the stage. I managed to squeeze in between two people on the third floor. Good thing I had brought my camera along!

Times Telecom was the sponsor who flew Elise down from LA. The Beat and Times Telecom held draws and played games for the BlackBerrys. The first girl managed to score cash, accessories AND a BlackBerry Torch! The second guy wasn't so lucky but he did manage to take home at least 40 dollars in cash. There was also a contest for a $10,000 shopping spree with Elise in LA! I wasn't so lucky but it was a nice concert and I recognized a few songs of hers from the radio. I like the song "Your Love is Like Poison" the most.

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