Win Win - Movie Review

Down on luck attorney Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) is on the verge of losing his practice because of money problems. Without thinking Mike convinces a judge to let him be the guardian of Leo, one of his clients, who is declared legally incapacitated to obtain an extra $1500 monthly paycheck. However, instead of letting Leo stay at home where he told the judge he would be, Mike drops him off at a care home. Unfortunately things don't always go to plan especially when people are involved. Leo's grandson Kyle (Alex Shaffer) suddenly drops in Mike's life when he runs away from his addict mother and her abusive boyfriend. Mike discovers that Kyle is a great wrestler and Mike puts him on the sorry high school team that he coaches. All is going well -  Mike is getting the extra money he needs and his team is finally winning matches when Kyle's mother, fresh out of rehab, threatens to take it all away by exposing his deception to everyone.

Win Win is a feel-good movie about second chances, doing the right thing and the unexpected relationships that pop up in life because of one's choices. I liked Shaffer's performance as the often stoic Kyle and Amy Ryan who played Mike's wife Jackie Flaherty was at times hilarious. The director shows that sometimes not a word needs to be said in order to convey messages and feelings. You will feel for the characters and begin cheering them on, however flawed they may be. It was funny, heartwarming and the characters are interesting and relatable. This film is a winner for sure.

Win Win opens in theatres on Friday, March 18th, 2011.

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