Rango - Movie Review

Rango is about a pet chameleon (voiced by Johnny Depp) who lives in the safety of his terrarium where he acts as a director and lead actor of stories of his own creation but he longs to figure out who he is. Due to a fateful accident, he that is suddenly thrust into adventure and a quest to find his true self. He journeys across the desert to the Old Western town of Dirt that is currently in the grips of a severe drought. In order to fit in and realizing that he can be like the hero of his stories, he convince the towns-animals that he is the fearsome Rango. By an act of pure accident, he manages to solidify his claim and is made sheriff to protect the town's remaining water supply, which is running dangerously low. However when the supply is stolen, it is up to Rango and his newly found friends to bring it back. Instead they discover that there is a sinister explanation behind the water's disappearance and that appearances can be deceiving. Rango is then faced with a choice to be the nobody he thinks he is or the hero the town needs him to be.

I got nothing from the trailer, I went to the movie not expecting very much but I was pleasantly surprised! The movie is funny, witty and extremely entertaining. It will definitely appeal to the older crowd as well as older kids. There are some parts that may scare younger children such as the parts with the villain Rattlesnake Jake. It also may be a bit violent and dark for the younger audience and there are certain references and jokes that only the older audience will get.

Rango is beautifully animated - all the textures of the animals and environment were very realistic. The score by Hans Zimmer set the tone of the movie very well and Rango was also directed by Gore Verbinski, the same person who directed Pirates of the Caribbean! A lot of the music reminds of that same adventurous tones that Pirates had. This is a movie that shouldn't be missed.

Rango is in theatres Friday, March 4th 2011. I recommend you go see it!

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Janelle said...

I have to disagree with your review of Rango. I saw it at my friends insistance. My friend said it was hilarious. I left with a headach and the feeling that I had just wasted money and part of my life. It was horrible. The plot was ridiculous, the characters creepy and the dialog left something to be desired.

On a positive note I am looking forward to seeing Beastly and Red Riding Hood after I read your reviews of both. Thanks!