Canucks Superskills 2011 Competition


I went to the Canucks Superskills at Rogers Arena on Sunday. This annual event supports the Canucks of Kids Fund and has the Vancouver Canucks competing against each other in several skill categories:
  • Three-on-three game
  • Fastest Skater Contest
  • Accuracy Shooting Challenge
  • Puck Control Relay
  • Hardest Shot
  • Power Play
  • Breakaway Relay
I took so many photos it was hard to choose only a few good ones. Before the competition started, the mascots were at center ice playing musical chairs. Hahah so funny! Fin won that one! Then the players came out. They were divided into blue team and green team. I thought the blue team had the advantage from the start, I mean they had Salo, Burrows and Mason Raymond. Here were the final results:
  • Three-on-three game - Green Team with Cory Schneider
  • Fastest Skater Contest - Mason Raymond
  • Accuracy Shooting Challenge -  Burrows
  • Puck Control Relay - Tie (Henrik and Daniel Sedin were identical! LOL)
  • Hardest Shot - Sami Salo
  • Power Play -  Blue Team
  • Breakaway Relay -  GreenTeam
Blue Team wins!
    I had so much fun! This was the first time I've been to the Superskills; it's usually a sold out event because it's not as expensive as a regular hockey game and it is family friendly. The Canucks themselves brought their wives and children along. The children are so cute!

    There were prize giveaways too! Several gift certificates worth $100, Canucks merchandise and two PS3s were given out courtesy of the Canucks and Rogers Arena. I got a Team Photo card and a BC Hydro Shower Coach. You won't believe how useful the Shower Coach it is! It makes me a lot more conscience of how long my showers are...but I digress....

    It was very refreshing to see the players in an non-game setting and having fun. Ryan Kesler in the Breakaway Relay threw his glove at Cory Schneider in order to distract him from the puck! You can't do that in a real game! Hahah! The Canucks Superskills was a very fun event. I may go again next year!

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