Burgoo Bistro


Met up with friends last night for dinner at Burgoo, a small soup and stewhouse serving delicious comfort foods from international origins. I like how they showed the country of the food on their menu. They were very busy when I arrived at 7pm. The wait time was 45 minutes but some people left on the waiting list so we got our table faster. There were still people waiting two hours later so it goes to show you that this place is really popular!

We snacked on Guacamole while we waited for our other friend to arrive.

Guacamole $6
 I ordered the Jambalaya but we tasted a bit of each others' dishes. I think I'll get the mussels next time I'm there. They are so delicious! The Jambalaya was good, it had chicken, sausages, and prawns mixed in the rice. It was a bit spicy maybe because of the Andouille sausages but it was at a tolerable level.

I'll definitely go back, there are so many other dishes I want to try. They all sound so yummy!

Beef Bourguignon $18
Jambalaya $17
Cocotte Mussels $17

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