Flo Tea Room (RIchmond)


In the evening our family headed out to Flo Tea Room in Richmond. I know there's a Granville location and I always wanted to try it out.

My cousin ordered a curry dish that she had before while the rest of us ordered  a set meal.

My meal came with soup and a drink. We could pick two items from the menu so I chose the Korean BBQ short ribs and prawn skewers. The Borsch soup was really salty. I think the Chinese soup was the better one to order. I didn't see my parents complaining about it. The prawns and short ribs were good. The only complaint about it was that the short ribs were quite fatty.

My sister ordered a mango slush for her drink (added $2) and she thought it was good and now regrets not getting the groupon they had previously ($20 for 10 bubble tea). I didn't think it was thaaat good. I've tasted better elsewhere.

All in all, the place has good portions and reasonable prices.

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1 comment:

Kiwi said...

Hehe I come here quite often because it is so close to work lol
They've changed their menu so much. They have all this bubble tea stuff now.

And I've tagged you on my blog btw XP