Cupcake Eating Contest at Bakers Market


Bakers Market held their cupcake eating contest yesterday and I decided to check it out and support the contestants. I arrived just before the contest started so I was in the back of the huge crowd that had gathered to watch the event.  

The contestants had to eat as many cupcakes as they could in 5 minutes. Everyone did their best and in the end there was a tie! The two contestants, Mario and some other guy had tied with 12 cupcakes! So a second round was held to determine the winner. They had to eat as many cupcakes in 1 minute - but guess what? That ALSO ended up in a tie! It was decided that the ultimate tie-breaker would involve the two eating 1 cupcake...without the aid of their hands! Who ever finished first will be declared the winner.

Mario dreading that cupcake.
Mario was not looking forward to eating that last cupcake and almost forfeited but with a little encouragement from his friends, he decided to give it one last try. Here's the video of the last showdown:

(Sorry for the out of focus, the camera focused on the girl's sleeve when she moved in front and didn't refocus back until the end.)

Mario won and took home a cute trophy and a goodie bag which included more cupcakes much to his dismay. lol

Walking around the market afterwards, I saw there were a lot of sweets and even cupcake making accessories! If you are interested in snagging some of these delicious baked goods, check out the Bakers Market next Saturday! They will be there every Saturday until Dec 10!


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Kiwi said...

The cupcake trophy is so cute!

Jeanie said...

Hi Jenny! It's Jeanie. Nice blog!