Celebrating 100 Years of Delicious Chocolate at Leonidas

Leonidas held their 100th year anniversary at the Vancouver waterfront location this past weekend and they invited everyone to celebrate with them in a Night of Temptation and Indulgence! With over 1400 sales outlets over the globe, selling fine Belgium chocolate, Leonidas has every reason to celebrate!


In addition to chocolates, they also serve a variety of drinks and desserts.

Like these delicious locally sourced macrons. Later in the night, there was a macron tasting and I tried the marshmallow and truffle flavour. 

They sell a LOT of chocolate. A LOT!

Anything you want!

The party started at 6pm and the store filled up to capacity as the night went on. No one can resist the call of chocolate!

Leonidas set up a chocolate fondue fountain at the front with fruits, cream puffs (YUM!), waffles, peanut butter filled prezels for dipping.

Vegatable dip at the back of the store.

Wine was flowing, too, with choice of red or white.

K and I don't really drink so the Leonida staff were nice enough to give us a choice of hot chocolate instead! They sell white, milk, 52% dark or 72% dark hot chocolate drinks.

We both tried the milk hot chocolate and it was divine! Very smooth and delicious. I want to try the other ones as well!

Appies went around for attendees to nibble on. Grape tomato with goat cheese.

Leonidas now also serves paninis made fresh in-store! Two types were brought out. This one is the honey walnut with goat cheese.

And the other was turkey, goat cheese, avocado and pesto. I can't decide which one I liked the most, they both tasted delicious!

Store co-owner Aisha gave us a run down of the history of their Leonidas store and introduced us to the amazing team, most of whom are family members!

The team at Leonidas!

Leonidas chocolate is made from 100% cocoa butter and melts in your mouth! I especially like the chocolate nibs!

I had a wonderful time meeting with the team at Leonidas and chatting with the dynamic duo, Jeremy and Adrian of the FoodGays!

Aisha and Jeremy with a mint chocolate macron.

It was a fun and delicious party! And as if the event couldn't get any sweeter, Leonidas gave us all a parting gift as a special treat at the end of the night. Thank you, Leonidas!

Be sure to check out Leonidas when you're around the waterfront area and try their hot chocolate. It is a must!

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