Tomb Raider

So the "new" Tomb Raider has been out for a while now but I only finished playing it a few days ago. First I couldn't play it because I gave up playing video game for Lent then, I only had a couple of days before flying off to vacation across the world. When I came back (and sufficiently recovered from a bout of illness), I promptly plunked myself down in front of the TV and started playing. 

I had pre-ordered the game, which cost me only $39.99 because of a $20 off G-List perk (if you want an invite, shoot me an email!), and included was a hard cover Tomb Raider comic book - "The Beginning" about how the team ended up going to searching for the Island of Yamatai, and some download codes for Shanty Town multiplayer map and an Aviatrix skin. There was also a 14 day XBox Live Gold trial code, a Square Enix registration card. The Aviatrix skin dressed up Lara as a classic 1930s adventurer with bomber jacket. Once I downloaded, I promptly made her put it on, because she looks so cold just wearing a tank top. It made me cold while I was playing XD.

I really enjoyed the game. It was fun to explore the island and try to find all the maps, relics, documents and raiding the tombs. I only got 96% of the items before finishing the story but I can still go back to find the rest. There was a moment near the end where you go Aha! There is the Lara Croft we know. Lara goes through a lot of punishment in the game. Try extremely hard to avoid dying because the death scenes are grisly but I guess they were going for realism, sort of. Fortunately she keeps getting back up! I also liked using the bow and arrow!

They've added a multiplayer to this game but I don't particularly enjoy it. Mostly because I have trouble finding the people trying to kill me on screen and when I do spot them, it's usually when they have killed me. I bet the people I played with online were exasperated with me. lol I'm use to a viewfinder like in Halo where I can see where my near my enemies are. Unfortunately, the company seems to be pushing for people to play multiplayer as they are only releasing DLCs for multiplayer maps instead of for single player gameplay. 

If you haven't played the game yet, I highly recommend it. There are a couple of great deals out this weekend for the PC download version. Green Man Gaming has Tomb Raider for Steam for only $20 US after using the code GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA at the checkout. Origin also has it on sale for $24.99USD or the Survival Edition for $28.99. Or if you are console gamer, you can also download it onto your Playstation for $29.99 from PSN.

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