Ghost Salmon at Four Seasons Vancouver

On Tuesday, the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver launched their new art exhibition space in the hotel's lower lobby. Ghost Salmon by Paul Burke, with support by Anna Gustafson, of Salt Spring Island's Blue Horse Gallery, can be viewed now until the summer.

I thought it was a wonderful display and makes a greater impact than the Japanese garden that was there before. The people at the Four Seasons Hotel pride themselves with supporting sustainability and this display supports that theme.

Ghost Salmon represents the power but also the fragility of these animals. Pacific Salmon are so important in the coastal ecosystem; they play an essential role in the transporting of essential nutrients to our provincial forests that cannot be replaced. These beautiful animals endangered when their habitats, especially their spawning streams are destroyed. Keeping our rivers clean is of paramount importance!

Anna Gustafson and Paul Burke, of Salt Spring Island's Blue Horse Gallery, are highly passionate about sustainability and their artwork are inspired by nature, making them an obvious choice for a feature display at the Four Seasons.

The beautiful sculptures were carved from Western Red Cedar.

These two can be found outside and can be seen as you walk by the hotel. They sure are eye catching!

If you head upstairs you can see the minature salmon school at the YEW restaurant, also carved by Paul Burke.

I love how the sculptures cast the shadows up on the ceiling. It's like the fish are swimming above your head! I have to give a mention to P. Jay, the Director of Engineering at Four Seasons because he was responsible for the lighting! He told me the lights were all new, just came out on the market. It took him and his team two days to prepare the space and install lighting, river rocks and plants where the Ghost Salmon now call home.

For those interested in these pieces of art, each salmon is for sale individually. Please visit (the QR code from the photo) for more information.

If you are around the area, be sure to stop by and check the exhibit out! They will only be the until the summer!

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