Parade of Sheep at Lunarfest

The start of the Chinese New Year has come and past but the festivities continue. This weekend, the annual Lunarfest is taking place in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The parade of 180 sheep as finally arrived at its final destination! The herd actually lights up in the dark! And if you are inclined to do so, you can actually purchase one to bring home!

There were also these creepy white mannequin kids amongst the sheep. I don't think they should have included them haha.

Part of Lunarfest is Dumpling Fest. It is a basically a variety of types of dumplings that you can purchase and try. Pretty pricy though. There's also hurricane potatoes and zucchinis available.

Further into the tents, people were found making arts and crafts.

The Lanterns of Three Little Sheep. Their bodies are filled with lanterns created by kids! There was suppose to be also "The Great Wall of Lanterns” but it was not delivered in time from the US.

Visitors can also contribute to the Lanterns of Three Little Sheep by creating their own.

People can participate in a dumpling making lesson as well.

Organizers of Lunarfest also invited a number of local emerging and established artists to share their interpretation of the Sheep year with the rest of Canadians. They each painted a sheep and they are on display at Lunarfest. They are very beautiful art pieces!

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