Showing Who's Boss at West Coast Geeks VS Nerds

New year, new venue! The West Coast Geeks vs Nerds hosted their first show of the year on January 7th, 2014 at the Vancouver FanClub. If you are early you can secure a table on the main level or you can sit upstairs, which gives you a good view of the entire floor. For those who haven't heard of this show, WC Geeks Versus Nerds is a funny themed debate show that pits well known pop culture icons against each other and celebrates the local geek, gamer, and comic book nerd subcultures. It is usually held on the first Tuesday of every month.

The 13th episode of the hilarious, geek/nerd comedy-debate show, featured Mr. Burns vs J. Jonah Jameson and Adama vs Picard.

The Duffman even left Springfield to attend the event!

The opening debate was Mr. Burns vs J. Jonah Jameson: who's the worst boss.

Team Geeks represented Mr. Burns while Team Nerds backed J. Jonah Jameson. The guy in the middle on Team Geeks does a great impersonation of Mr. Burns! I'm pretty sure 90% of their points were made in Simpson quotes. LOL It was amazing.

There was also an appearance from Spiderman but he burst into tears because J. Jonah Jameson ruined his dreams. lol

Not surprisingly Mr. Burns was the worst. Excellent.

The costume contest during the intermission! 

Duffman just kept going like that throughout the entire voting process.

Of course Duffman takes the prize! There was no competition!

 The main debate was Adama vs Picard: who's the greatest starship commander?

Both teams had amazing costumes. So in character!

This was the moment that made my day. Each team get a rebuttal token that can be used only once to counter something the other team has said. The token is usually something representative of the team's character or world. In this case, Team Adama received a frakking TOASTER!

 It was a four slot one too!

 And it doesn't work. LMAO

Picard is declared the best starship commander! (Was there any doubt?)

The next West Coast Geeks vs Nerds show will be held on February 4th at Vancouver FanClub.

The opener debate (determined by popular vote) is MARY POPPINS vs MS FRIZZLE: who is the most extraordinary educator? Then THE POWERPUFF GIRLS takes on THE SAILOR SCOUTS on the main debate to determine "who is the greatest female fighting force?" Don't miss it!

In the meantime, follow the WCGvN team on Twitter and Facebook. They are really active on both and periodically hold contests where you can win tickets to attend this super funny show that every geek and nerd should attend at least once!

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