Lunarfest 2014: Year of the Horse

Last weekend, the annual CIBC Lunarfest was held at in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery to celebrate the coming of Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle upon entering the Lunarfest tent. Tea tasting, painting, pottery, and other activities were available to do.

Past the activity stations, we had to wait in line for the Lantern Palace show to begin.

I wasn't really impressed with this year's lanterns. As much as I appreciate the large scale lanterns, I missed the little ones that were made by the public. Instead, we were treated to a little skit that involved a family of four horses who journeyed through many countries searching for a missing white Lion dancer. It was really made for kids because I rolled my eyes throughout the whole thing. I did the elephant lantern though. 

 Funny - Darth Vader mask.

Besides the lanterns, there was this 15-foot-tall inflatable rocking horse on display outside. It's apparently suppose to invoke happy memories of childhood. Never had a rocking horse so it wasn't effective for me but I suppose it could be seen as whimsical?

Did anyone else go? What did you think of this year's display?

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