PappaRoti Grand Opening

The cafe, PappaRoti held its grand opening last Saturday, treating visitors to complimentary bun.

The "father of all buns" is a coffee-caramel coated bun has its origins in Malaysia.

They have several small round tables surrounding a long table in the centre of the dining area, which was taken when we visited.

The cafe doesn't just serve buns; they provide a wide variety of teas and JJ Bean coffees.

Cute drawings of the topping combos you can get above the ovens.

I liked this wall of words. I'm guessing this is where the buns can be found? There's another small seating area next to here, at the back of the cafe.

One bun costs $3.65 and each topping is $1.25.

 I opted to try the bun with some Nutella.

The bun is placed on a wooden paddle dusted with cocoa powder and any toppings are put on the side. Very nice!

There's not much inside the bun.

I thought the bun tasted very similar to a Chinese pineapple bun though the caramel-coffee coating is more crunchy. It's not as sweet either. The insides tasted a little buttery. Pretty yummy as a snack. The nutella just made it all sweet and that's all I could taste, so I would do without it next time.

PappaRoti is located in downtown Vancouver, on the corner Robson at Nicola.

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