The Pirate Fairy Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack Review


Pirates and Tom Hiddleton! Those were the two immediate thoughts that popped into my head when I first heard about this film. This was the first movie of the Tinklebell direct-to-DVD series that I have ever watched and it is the 6th one that Disney has made in the Fairy franchise. Haha this movie made me want to watch more of the Fairy series.

"The Pirate Fairy", like all the movies previous, is set in Neverland, before the events of "Peter Pan." Zarina (voice of Christina Hendricks), a dust keeper fairy is obsessed with figuring out how fairy dust works. When her experiments on the powerful Blue Pixie Dust land her in hot water with her supervisor, she flees Pixie Hollow. She ends up joining forces with the pirates of Skull Rock, led by a cabin boy named James (voice of Tom Hiddleston), who make her the captain of their ship. Zarina and the pirates come up a plan to steal the Blue Fairy Dust and subsequently switches the talents of Tinker Bell (voice of Mae Whitman) and her friends in the process. Tink and her friends must work together to retrieve the Blue Pixie Dust, which the fairies of Pixie Hollow is dependent upon to be able to fly.  

The movie was pretty entertaining. It delves more into the origins of the characters in "Peter Pan," centred around Captain Hook. Tom Hiddleton is delightful as always. He brings a little bit of Loki in his portrayal of James. The new fairy is pretty cool in her pirate get-up but she never consciously makes a choice to do the right thing; it is the circumstances force her to. It was great to see the origins of Captain Hook and the Crocodile. IT IS SO ADORABLE. The film is 78 min with several special features included:       
  • Second Star to the Right: The Legacy of Never Land – Explore Never Land’s history and its endless ability to inspire     
  • Croc-u-mentary – “Crocky” and his real-life relatives are the subject of this funny documentary     Deleted Scenes     
  • Sing-Along Songs     
  • The Making of “The Frigate That Flies” – Go Behind the Scenes with Tom Hiddleton for a close-up look at the recording of this song 
There are two songs in the movie: "Who I Am," sung by Natasha Bedingfield as the introduction song to Zarina, and "The Frigate That Flies, " sung by the pirates. If Tom Hiddleton singing is what you'd like to hear, "The Frigate That Flies" is the song to listen to. I personally like "Who I Am" song more. It's backed by nice strummy music and is about being yourself and showing the world who you are.

“The Pirate Fairy” is currently available in store and the soundtrack available for download on iTunes.

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