Earnest Ice Cream

Earnest Ice Cream had been around for a while now and I kept hearing lots of good things about them. They started off with a little cart and were so successful, they opened a brick and mortar store on Fraser. I visited them with M.N. and W.W. a couple weeks back. It was a Friday night, 9:30pm and the line was still out the door! It took us about 10 minutes finally reach the counter. They serve ice cream and coffee. $5 for a single scoop which you can have in a waffle cone or in a cup or $7 for a double scoop. I wanted to try the Earl Grey and Whisky Hazelnut. Man, was it delicious! Taste explosion! I especially loved the whisky hazelnut. The only mistake that I made was that I should have ordered that first, then the Earl Grey, because it had a milder taste. The whisky hazelnut flavour overwhelmed the earl grey.

So was it worth the hype? Yes, yes, it was.

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