BBQ Picnic in the Park with Vancouver Canadians


The weather was warm and there was not a cloud in the sky - perfect ballgame weather! Last week Tuesday, K and I attended a Vancouver Canadians game at Nat Baileys Stadium. Prior to the game, we had the chance to eat the the BBQ Picnic in the Park area of Nat Baileys (our dad was invited to an event there but let us go in his place instead). It is an area next to first base with tables, chairs and umbrellas to keep the sun at bay (or flying baseballs for that matter). We were welcomed into the park and given a baseball (from the sponsor of the night, the Keg).

Sitting in the picnic area, you have a perfect view of the teams on the field. The opposing team, Eugene Emeralds, were warming up in front of us as we ate.

Picnic in the Park is all you can eat buffet style.

The meat patties and hotdogs are cooked in the BBQ area beside the buffet tables.

Mixed Organic Green Salad, Cracked Black Pepper Coleslaw, Potato Salad for appetizers.

For the mains, there was Corn on the Cob and Seasoned BBQ Chicken (the same one we tried at the food tour last year). Bacon, patties and cheese were available for you to make your own bacon cheese burger. There was also two types of char grilled hotdogs - a regular one and a Bratwurst sausage.

There's a bar where they serve Granville Island beer. Next to the bar is a soda fountain where you can get your own drinks. They were running out of ice however when I went to get some. 

They also set out popcorn, pretzels and chips and provide little bags for you so you can take them with you to snack on while you watch the game in the grandstand.

Later on, we saw people coming out onto the stands with cookies and cake! "THERE'S DESSERT?!", we cried, and subsequently rushed down to get some for ourselves. The nanaimo bars and brownies were the first to disappear. There were two types of cookies, nanaimo bars, brownies, and some other type, carrot cake maybe.

I only tried the chocolate cookie; it has white chocolate chips in it.

On the ballgame side of things, it was a very exciting game! The ball got knocked out of the park twice! The crowd loves it when that happens!  

Yay! Our home team wins! Woot!

If you are interested in the food offered at Nat Baileys other than the Picnic in the Park, you can check out my post about it when I was given a food tour there last year. I go more in depth about how a game is like as well, like the sushi races and mascots.

It's worth going to a game; they hold some contests throughout the ballgame and have little acts in between innings. There are special days where there are giveaways to the first x number of people who attend and even fireworks nights! It's a great summer activity and it's only $12.50 for the game.

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