Uh. I forgot what I was going to write. I should have wrote it down a few days ago. But I was always out and Karen was always on the computer since the other one is down. Well, I didn't fail chem. I was surprised since I got an 84! I was like OMG! How did this happen? I hope it's not wrong. Cuz I'll be VERY disappointed. and angry. So there's two more grades left to be posted.

I went to the mall, got the Fifth Element and Uru. Heehee. Yesterday I went to Science World. Nothing there. We got some lego people though. So that's good. What else? Um. We're going to go to Victoria on Thursday, Grouse grind on Wednesday, tomorrow I don't know. It might be raining. So Karen might not want to go anywhere. Bleh.

A gecko at ScienceWorld.

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