I went to Victoria with my dad and sister!

On the Spirit of British Columbia: I was so tired! We caught the first ferry of the day. 7:00 so we had to get up at 5:30! I wanted to sleep but there was a TV in front of us. I kinda just dozed but didn't fall asleep. Oo! We had breakfast on board too! Had eggs, sausages, bacon (except mine was all fat!), and waffles. I wanted hash browns but we'd have to pay like 2 dollars extra so I didn't get them. Sigh. I like hash browns.

The first place we went to was Royal BC Museum. They only had some Tibet exhibit. I should have went LAST summer when they had the Egyptian exhibit! I so wanted to see that! Now it's gone. Back to Egypt or somewhere. Sigh. Anyways I took so many pictures! Since I was the one taking the pictures, there weren't many pictures of me. Lots of Karen though. That staircase isn't part of the museum. It was outside but I thought it looks funky.

We went to McDonald's for lunch. It was extremely busy and the lady gave us extra fries. We couldn't finish them so I gave our extra fries to this bum we passed by on our way to McDonald's. He wasn't there though. I guess he left for a washroom or something. So I just left the fries with his stuff. Darn. I wanted to see what he'd do.

After lunch we went to the Underwater aquarium boat-thing. I forgot what it is called. SO NOT worth it! It's so small and costs SO MUCH! Then we went to the Wax Museum. It was funny when we went into the chamber of horrors. Our dad wouldn't go in with us. So Karen and I were hesitating at the doorway. There were two other people and they were going in too so they say "let's go in together!" So we said ok. But I sort of lingered at the beginning to look at the stuff and read the stuff. So they went ahead of us. Then it got scarier and scarier the further we went down. When we turned the corner, the other two was heading out and the door SLAMMED SHUT! It was pitch black! We got scared and started screaming (silently at first then growing in volume) and running to the door and we BURST THROUGH the door! The other people looked at us and laughed. Our dad was there too and we all laughed. Heh. It was rather funny.

The last place we went to was Victoria Bug Zoo. I recommend everyone who goes to Victoria to go to this place! It's small but our tour guide was very informative and made it very interesting! Plus you get to hold a lot of big bugs! I got to hold a SCORPION! His name is Steve! Steve the Scorpion! And I just LOVE the praying mantis! I forgot her name though.

Yeah so at the end of the day we took the second last ferry back: The Spirit of Victoria Island (I think)

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Anonymous said...

EHEEEEEHEEEE.. i can't believe you guys screamed

Winnay said...

EHEEEEEHEEEE.. i can't believe you guys screamed