So I've started summer school. Java is pretty interesting. I just hope I don't lag behind. I like doing the labs. They're fun. I like writing programs.

I have TWO snails! I found one at my grandpa's house and I put it in a jar and today my mum found one in our garden! Heeheehee. I like snails. I'll keep 'em FOREVER. Muahahahahhahaa!

On another note, I watched the so-called "finale" of Enterprise. It sucked! What kind of crap was that?! It was the most horrible series finale ever! I'm fuming! All the useless things they did! Karen doesn't even LIKE Star Trek and she's all worked up about this! She only watched it with me because of TRIP AND T'POL! The STUPID writers HAD to mess things up! They can take this crap of an episode and stick it up their ass. Terra Prime was the REAL finale to me. That episode was beautiful. So emotional. I cried. ARG! Stupid "finale". Stupid writers! What WERE they high on?! Do they think that we'd be HAPPY with that ending? They'll be hearing an e-mail from me! }:(

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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of snails at my place.

Winnnnie said...

There are plenty of snails at my place.