Yay! I passed all my courses! Though how I managed that seems to be strange.

Bio201 - 78
Chem205 - 84
Chem211 - 76
Econ102 - 88
Micb202 - 80

Look this is what I do during class! Look this is what I do during class! This was the last day and it's suppose to be Rassumussun (ok that's not what his name is I can't spell it) And it's so ugly. Now tell me how I get these marks?!

Anyhoo! Today we played tourists and went to Storyeum, the Police museum, Sun Yat San Garden and the Vancouver Lookout. It's really nice at the garden. I want to go back. Take the tour with Diana Lee! She is so funny and entertaining!

Me at Sun Yat San Garden and a couple of turtles. :)

At the Police museum. I should have taken a picture of the morgue.

At the Lookout I saw my cruise ship leaving. Sigh. I wanted to be on that cruise. It goes to Seattle and down there. Sigh. Next year I'll go.

The Diamond Princess. I could have been on that ship. My ship! Leaving without me!

Here I am at the Lookout having my frappuccino of course.

Canadian Pacific Railway Station. The real thing...compared to the lego version

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Anonymous said...

And you thought u failed econ!!

Jenny said...

Yes I did!