Hmm I do like compsci. I love Java so far. I love programming. You know, I like to talk to chatterbots. They are so interesting! I'd like to do stuff like that. I want to be able to create AIs! I WANT TO BUILD ROBOTS AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Oh? Did I say that out loud? Shhh. You just imagined it. Me? Innocent old me? I'd NEVER do such a thing. *shifty eyes*

Anyways. We went to Night Market tonight. There's nothing there. And it started to rain too so we left. My mom bought me some food to eat though. And she bought a lot of those Dragon Beard candy. Mmmm...Beard....I LOVE them! Deeelicious! Eh. We'll go back in June or something. There's nothing interesting right now. And the weather's not that great either.

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