Michelle should know better than to leave me with a bag of candy. Especially gummybears. But especially any kind of candy. That I like to eat. Which is most candies.

It's all gone. The whole bag of gummies is gone. Devoured by Karen and I in a matter of 2 days. Thanks Michelley! They were delishious! Mmmm German gummybears.

OMGosh! There are only TWO days left! TWO days til school starts again! Oy.

I think I have to make an advising appointment with Dr. Ramey. He has to sign my double major application! I'm so afraid of him. It's the quiet types, you know. I think it's his eyes. And the silence. I can't take the silence!

So the girl I'm selling my textbooks to she says to save the bio201 book for her and she'll buy it next term! THe nerve! The deal was $100 for BOTH textbooks. I'm not going to SAVE it for her if I can sell it for a better price! I want $25 for my bio200 one too! >:(

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