I went to the CSA icebreaker today. What a waste of time. Those bozos just assume that we are Chinese that we can speak and understand it. The WHOLE time they were speaking Chinese not bothering to translate AND the games were in Chinese. I mean there was a Causasian guy there too! I mean have a little courtesey! They SAY that not just Chinese can join but they don't show that at all at the ice breaker. Well at least I got that pig pin cushion that Karen wanted. ;P

Mostly I just observed people. I'm not into talking. So there were these two girls that look so much like Karen's friends! Jeunessa and Christine! They have almost the exact same body types and faces! How weird!

There was also the Chinese version of PARIS HILTON! She didn't have the slimness but her face! It is almost uncanny how similar she looks to Paris. I think it's the nose.

Ok so they promised us free bubble tea and there were NO BUBBLES! >:( What a rip! Hehe some guy said "If you shake it there'll be bubbles" XDDD

The fondu wasn't really good either. The chocolate didn't solidify! Most of the cookies and stuff I took I pilfered for Karen. XD I'm always doing that. I don't get stuff for myself but for Karen. What can I say? I love my snugglypoo. Heehee.

Well one good thing came out of this, I guess. I met this girl that I talked to a lot. She took the same bus with me too. We exchanged phone numbers but what's the likelihood of me seeing or contacting her ever again? Zero to nil. XD

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