Oop so today I went to another icebreaker. This time for CGS. ANOTHER Chinese club. XD

I had a lab today and I was trying to finish it quickly but still I ended up using one and a half hours. So I was LATE! By the time I got there they everybody was inside and it was SO crowded! They wouldn't let me in at first. After I squished inside. Everybody was already divided into teams so I just stood there in the doorway for a while. Then I saw an empty chair so I took it. Turns out it was the team leader's chair. XD But she didn't mind.

They provided chips, pop and Timbits! I ate so much chips because I was so hungry! I didn't have breakfast and I didn't have lunch and it was 5:00 already! Oy.

We played some games for prizes but we always ended up in second place! So we didn't get any prizes. >:(

Afterwards they had the drawing of prizes. But I didn't win anything! These two girls won the PSP and iPod nano! :( After that everybody left. That was what they were they for anyways just for those two items. Hahaha!

After that I went to Karen's Yours icebreaker. And guess what?! She won a webcam! Yay! Then I ate pizza with her then went home. I should have taken another slice. I still have cravings. XD

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