Apparently my dad bought another digital camera. A Canon one. It's bigger than the Nikon we have now but it has like 10x zoom! And there is a image stabilizer. I haven't played with it enough to see what it can do but I think I like it. It's pretty sweet.

I also got new glasses today. We had to wait sooo long for Andrea to help us. She was occupied with these two old ladies. It was so funny because my mom went and bought some groceries while we were waiting but it was heavy so she but it on the ground and left it there in the LenseCrafter store. After a while some sales associates noticed the bag and thought it was a bomb! Hahahah! They were like "should we call security?" Lol. It was so funny.

Yeah so my new glasses is burgundy coloured and is smaller than my current one. Apparently small glasses are "in" right now.

Good thing I don't take chemistry anymore.

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