Woo! First day! I love it.

Had only one class today but it was agonizingly long. One and a half hours is just too long! I felt so lonely at class since Annie's no longer in the same classes. Last year we had almost all classes together. But this year we parted ways. Sigh. Annie has moved on to higher things and I...didn't.

Annyways. I finished class at 11 and met up with Karen who finished at 9:30! Apparently all first year classes are cancelled so she only had one class too. So we went bumming around together waiting for the first year events to start...so we can get free stuff. XDDD

It was worth the wait too. We got a whole bag full of stuff. Got a Frosh kit and a mug. Telus was there giving stuff out. I got a T-shirt and a cameleon plushie. Rice crakers, stickers of random things, Best Buy coupons, rootbeer float. XD So on and so forth.

Vicki says we're like vultures. Heehee. I agree.

I love first day.

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