The Art of Getting By - Movie Review

Freddie Highmore stars as George, a lonely slacker in the last year of high school, in this coming-of-age romantic comedy. Though George has shown talent as an artist, he has mastered the art of getting by in school and life by doing only the minimalist amount of work while teachers and the Principal tries to persuade him to do otherwise. He just lives day to day, believing that life is dull and meaningless. It isn't until he meets, Sally (Emma Roberts) who introduces him to her world of friends and parties that he finally finds some meaning in life. On Career day, he meets Dustin (Michael Angarano), an artist who becomes George's unofficial mentor and encourages him to develop his artistic abilities. Between his relationship with Sally and Dustin, George begins to show more interest in life but when things seem to change too quickly for him including his feelings for Sally, he withdraws back into his old lonesome world, alienating his new friends. However, George can't resist change forever, as graduation approaches, he will need to stop being afraid of living and seize the moments to redeem himself in the eyes of his mom, his teachers and Sally.

The Art of Getting By is a nice, feel good movie to watch and also quite funny at times too. That being said, the story line is kind of predictable and bland, however it is the actors that really shine through and carry this movie. It was nice to see Freddie Highmore all grown up! The dynamic between his and Emma Robert's characters is believable and endearing. They have very good chemistry in the movie. They are the reason this movie is as good as it is. Most likely teens will be able to relate to what these characters are going through. Though, one thing I didn't like was that both characters smoke. Overall this movie is okay, not too exciting but teaches some good life lessons if you can sit through the entire movie.

The Art of Getting By opens in theatres today, Friday June 17, 2011.

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