Fin's Birthday Wish Comes True - Canucks win Game 2!

We were at the Party on the Plaza at Rogers Arena before the game started and boy was it packed! Today was also the Vancouver Canucks mascot, Fin's tenth birthday! Look how long his playoff beard is getting! Hahaha! There was cake and a lot of celebrating. I even got a photo with him! His birthday wishes include: 1. A big win tonight 2. A big win on Monday night 3. A big win on Wednesday night. Looks like one of those has already come true! Again downtown Vancouver exploded into celebration when Burrows (<3) scored that OT goal, 11 seconds in.  People on Granville Street were packed like sardines and still more people from other live sites were pouring in. The atmosphere was so energetic, everyone was smiling and cheering, complete strangers were giving each other high-fives. This is way bigger than Olympic Gold. There absolutely is no comparison. We've waited 17 years for this and tonight we are 2 games closer to the Cup. Go Canucks!

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