The Day I Almost Bought An Apartment


I keep forgetting to post this. Last Sunday, I went with my family to check out the new lowrise housing community down by the Fraser river on Kerr Street. New Water it is called. A lot of people were there and there was food, drinks, popcorn and even a scavenger hunt of the kids. Unfortunately it was RAINING! Virgin Radio was also on location and the flight crew was cooking hot dogs. I met Tara Jean finally! Hehehe she recognized me from the Facebook photo I had tagged Kiah in.

So New Water had me in the mood for looking at housing. We went to MacPherson Walk next and took a look at some suites. They were almost sold out of Phase 3 and where offering discounts on the remaining suites. It looked so nice and the sales person was so convincing I got sucked in to purchasing one of the last ground suites which has a small yard instead of a balcony. I was ready to sign some papers but we took another walk around to survey the area and it looked too close to the skytrain for our taste so I backed out of the offer. I still have second thoughts looked so nice and owning my own home would be awesome. Someday...

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