Flowers and Fish


Yay!!! My lilies are starting to bloom! The first one is an Asiatic variety called 'Lollipop'. Very pretty. I see a lot of blooms coming and I'm waiting in anticipation. I can't wait to take pictures of them! The purple clusters of flowers is actually an Allium. I wish I planted more of these. They'd look more dramatic in a cluster. I think the yellow flower is also a variety of allium. What sort of flowers are blooming in your garden?


So today I spent most of the day cleaning up my aquarium and rescaping it. I had pulled out all the plants yesterday and today I put some back in. The way I have it now, the fish can actually swim around instead of being choked in the plants. The water is still cloudy from the substrate shifting. I also added a layer of Fluval Plant substrate over the old EcoComplete gravel. Now there is a visible slope from back to front. It'll take a while for the plants to grow back in. I've gotten rid of a LOT. Basically the whole 40 gallons was chock full of plants. I removed some of the rocks and wood so that the middle would be more open. I plan to go back to schooling fish - maybe a variety of tetras so that means the Kribs have to go! Kribensis are very interesting fish to watch and they breed like rabbits but it's a problem since I never know what to do with the young!

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