Green Lantern Events in Vancouver


I popped in to take a look at the Join the Corps event at Metropolis Comics & Toys today. The store was hosting a Green Lantern party and had a lots of contests going on. I didn't stay for the entire duration of the event but I met some enthusiastic Green Lantern fans and also met the people behind @WB_Vancouver on Twitter. Very cool! The Warner Brother reps will be Play On ( the Street Hockey event happening at Metrotown Kingsway parking lot) again tomorrow at 2:30pm. If you find them you can get some cool Green Lantern swag like rings, t-shirts and bags.

Also on Monday, Vancouverites will have a chance to Join the Corps! There will be a "Green Lantern" symbol projected somewhere in the downtown core at 9pm. The specific location is unknown but each day, Warner Brothers is releasing a clue to lead you to that secret location! The first 17 people to find the location will receive advance screening passes to see the movie on Wednesday! Other prizes will be available as well. But if you are a Canucks fan and there is a Game 7 which one would you go to? Hmm Tough call. Remember that Monday night is also game day so there'll be a lot of people downtown! So make sure you are on your feet!

Here are the clues:

Pre clue #1: During the Olympics the streets near this building were closed for the celebrations of superheroes clad in red and white.
Pre clue #2: Everyday it overlooks the most artistic building in Vancouver.
CLUE #3:  One of its neighbors is a vault for priceless works of art.
CLUE #4:  If shopping is your superpower, you can utilize it at this building.
CLUE #5:  Masked with secrecy this building has no windows.
CLUE #6:  One of its neighbors has never lost to its archenemy: high clothing prices.
CLUE #7:  If villains needed money to fund their evil plans they would target its neighbour recognized by its green logo.
CLUE #8:  The son of Rob meets his Gran at this ville.

Green Lantern is in theatres next week, Friday, June 17th, 2011.

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