Bioshock Infinite


Finally bought this game and finished it! Bioshock Infinite came out in March and I wasn't sure if I wanted to get it since it is the third game in a series and the first two looked so scary. And I don't do scary; I didn't even finish Alan Wake because I'm scared of playing it alone. lol. But I read so many awesome reviews about it and then it went on sale for $29.99 at Best Buy/Futureshop so yup, I went out and got it. I'm glad I did because the game was amazing!

First off, to my relief, you don't need to have played the first two games in order to enjoy this one. There are some references to those games but it's more like a cameo than anything. I love the setting the game takes place in - Columbia, a floating city in 1912. It was great walking around and exploring the world. I may have taken longer to finish the game because I wanted to find everything...but I still missed some things! There are a lot of things little things you can do in the world that makes it more real I guess. Things that I would never do in the real world I did in this. There was a store that worked on a honesty concept...I spent some time looking at the coins...And then I TOOK THEM! LOL so bad! What's the point of being able to interact with sinks and tubs? I don't know but you can turn them on and I turned them all on. You can flush toilets, so I flushed them all...What a water waster, eh? Well, virtual karma got to me in the end....There was a rotten potato in one of the toilets...and I pressed the button to interact with it too fast and...I ate it. Yes. I ate a rotten potato in a toilet. I know, what you are thinking: was it REALLY a POTATO? or something...else? LOL it was a potato looked like...yeah, nevermind.

The story was great and thought provoking. Multiple universes and that sort of thing. You play Booker DeWitt who's mission is to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman with special powers, who has been imprisoned there all her life. Elizabeth is an intelligent woman who can take care of herself when you're in combat and even aids you by finding useful things for you! Combat is pretty violent. In fact the first time you get into a fight, it is very very bloody. And you can blow peoples' heads off and blood pools everywhere. I like how Elizabeth reacts in horror if she sees you killing with one of the first weapons you get.

Overall, the game was fun to play and I really enjoyed the characters and story! Highly recommend playing it! And there are still DLCs coming out (soon?)! I am wondering what they will be about. I hope they expand on the back story of some of the other characters! They are so interesting especially the mysterious Luteces who pop up unexpectedly throughout the game to guide you.

Happy gaming!

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