Fable is a restaurant in the Kitsilano area owned by Chef Trevor Bird, the runner up of Top Chef Canada Season 2. I've been meaning to revisit Fable for some time now and I finally got the excuse I needed: dining out with C & S of FoodTy, and my other friends R and S.

 Specials written in the back on a chalkboard.

In addition to the specials on the chalkboard, they also give you a fresh sheet stamped with the current date. As I came in, Trevor Bird suggested I get the Duck Basket. C and I decided to share it. 

Duck Basket $12 - necks, wings, hearts, pickled veg
I thought the duck basket was going to be appetizer size not a freakin' meal! To tell you the truth I was full before even finishing half of this! What a deal! I LOVE necks, wings and other innards. This was the perfect dish for me! I was happy snacking away at it cleaning all the meat off the bones. Yummy!

Here are some of the other appetizers my party ordered:
Beef Tartar $12 - with sour cream & onion chips

Canned Tuna  12  “The best canned tuna”
R said it doesn't taste like canned - is it really canned tuna? 

Spaghetti and Meat Balls  11  Duck meat ball, tagliatelle, mushrooms

Duck Breast  25  Rhubarb onion tart, creamed cabbage
I also heard the duck breast was good so I went for that for my main. Another duck dish?! I'm almost ate the whole duck that night! Hahaha. This plate did not disappoint. The duck was tender and juicy, so delicious. I polished off the dish even though I was already full from the duck basket XD.

"P" Gnocchi (add pork belly $4)  17  Peas, pesto, pea puree, pea shoots, mushrooms
Potato Crusted Chicken  21  Ratatouille

Slow Cooked Local Steelhead Trout  25  Celeriac puree, sunchokes, oyster mushrooms

Halibut  28  Chorizo bouillabaisse, polenta crouton, parsley crust

Daily Sweet Bites  10
For dessert, C and I shared the daily sweet bites, which consisted of a 2 chocolate macarons, 2 financier and 2 chocolate brownies. I made the mistake of having the macaron first because it is very sweet, it shadowed the financier. S was smart and had the financier then the brownie then the macaron. Saving the best for last!

The rest of the desserts:
Gorgonzola Cheesecake  9  Maple caramelized pears

Lemon Meringue Parfait  12  Streussel, tarragon ice cream
This is so cute!

Great food, great company. And also seeing my favourite chef! XD I'll be back again! 

Fable is actually celebrating their one year anniversary tomorrow! Tickets are $45 and all proceeds go to benefit Farm Folk City Folk and you get drink bottomless fine wine and nosh on Fable made canapes while listening to live music!

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C of FoodTy said...

Thanks for the shout out Jenny!!! Love the photos and the write up! Until the next food adventure!

P.S. your meal was definitely worthy of being deemed "the whole duck". haha

Jenny said...

lol Thanks! Can't wait!