International Summer Night Market 2013

The Richmond night markets are back again this summer and it is one of the things you always default on if you have nothing to do on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. If you didn't know already, there are two night markets in Richmond. I went to the one behind Home Depot. Most people just go for the food but there is plenty of entertainment going on on the main stage, such as singing, dancing, and other games that may involve the audience. It's always fun to go with a group of friends and spend a couple of hours there eating and walking around!

My little ducklings. I went to the night market on a Friday night with some friends...who happen to be all wearing red! Hahah I was pretending to be a Mama duck herding my children along...because I did not get the memo to wear We made a beeline for the food stalls. 

Had to have a Mango Yummy! The mangos were kind of sour so I appreciated the copious amounts of condensed milk.

Also had some grilled squid! I love squid tentacles and I love how it was crunch at the tips. =D

One day, I will go just eat dinner there and will get a turkey leg. One of these days!

Hmm this was new. Noodles in a bag.

Always the popular hurricane/tornado potatoes.

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