Downtown Bhangra

Last Friday, I went downtown with W to check out Downtown Bhangra, part of the nine day long festival, HSBC City of Bhangra.

There was a workshop where the people up on stage were teaching the crowd how to dance but we only caught the tail-end.

 Next up was the HSBC Bhangra Team. HSBC is the title sponsor of City of Bhangra this year. This team consists of all HSBC employees!

 They were pretty good and very enthusiastic!

Bhangra Empire from California! The team as been on America's Got Talent and even performed at the first State Dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama!

There were some singing after that. I wasn't as interested in it as the Bhangra dancing. Some people starting dancing to the music though!

 This kid was also dancing along! He's got the moves down pat! So cute!

 Nanak Food had a stall nearby for people to try samples of their Indian sweets!

 The food truck, Vij's Railway Express was also there. W and I decided to get dinner from them!

Halibut Cheeks with Rice and Naan 13
I ended up getting the Halibut Cheeks in a coconut Masala curry. It had a hot pepper in it so it was slightly spicy! It tasted ok. I've had better naan but I do like the long rice. Yummy!

Coconut Beef with Rice and Naan 12.5
 W ordered the Beef version of mine.

Bhangra is so fun to watch! Kind of makes me want to learn how to do it!

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