Become a Pokemon Master with Google Maps

Well, April Fool's came early this year as Google has release a Youtube video announcing a new job role at their company: Pokemon Master. Contestants have to find Pokemon hidden around the world using their smartphone and the Google Maps App.

If you have a couple of hours to spare, you can start searching for the the 150 Pokemon. According to the Youtube video, those that collect them all will be invited to Google headquarters to battle it out for the job. Hahah.

An obvious place to start would be Google headquarters. Then try searching for famous landmarks. Usually where there's one Pokemon, there may be others nearby so pan around to see if any are around. Sometimes you need to zoom in for them to appear.

Here's one Pokemon that is located in British Columbia! Search for Whistler Mountain!

You have until 2pm PT, April 2nd to collect them all! Good luck and have fun!

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