My Bobsledding Fail at Whister Olympic Plaza

When my friends and I were at Whistler, it was during the Sochi Winter Olympics so the Whistler Sliding Centre had set up a demo station at the Whistler Olympic Plaza.

I was intrigued. After watching people doing it a few times, I convinced W.W. to try it with me. Looks fun. How hard can it be?

Safety first! We had to sign a waiver and wear these helmets.

Ok ready to go!... or not. The bobsleigh is higher than it looks. You have to jump with both feet up and over into the sled. Let's switch sides W.W., I can't jump.

Off we go!...We were very slow....M.N. was waiting for us at the finish where other people were watching and she said everyone said we were slow. HAHAHA. It was a failure. We didn't even continue sliding down after we got into the bobsleigh; it just came to a standstill! LMAO. IT'S A LOT HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!

Obviously a failure, but it was fun! For those interested, public bobsleigh is $169 at the Whistler Sliding Centre. It didn't occur to me that Whistler still had bobsledding as an option until I saw a Groupon for it recently!

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