Unnumbered Sparks Sculpture Lights Up the Vancouver Sky

This amazing 745-foot sculpture has been hanging outside the Vancouver Convention Centre this past week as part of the 30th anniversary of the TED Conference.

"Unnumbered Sparks" is an interactive community artwork made from the collaboration of artists Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin.

Visitors can control what appears on the sculpture in real time through their mobile phones. Those ripples and squiggles in the photo above were all made from the people that were visiting there! All you had to do was connect to the Sculpture network on your mobile then visit g.co/sparks. There you can choose a colour then go nuts on the screen! You'll see what you are doing projected onto the sculpture! It's pretty cool! In addition to the lights, you also hear ethereal sounds that also are controlled by how you interact with the sculpture. It's a gorgeous piece of art and I wish it could stay! But I think tonight is the last night before it will be packed up to be displayed in other cities. Go see it if you still haven't yet!

Visit www.unnumberedsparks.com for more information about this amazing sculpture!

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WW said...

Your pictures are amazing! Such a difference to the ones I took on my phone.